About Us

To provide the multi-housing and rental industry with the skill and master craftsmen of any professional construction services needed any time at any location at a fair price.


Sunmaster, a general contracting firm based in Phoenix, offers a variety of services from concrete to fencing and everything in between- as well as major and minor repairs to apartments, townhouse and condominium properties and residential homes throughout Arizona with plans of expanding to other states. As dubbed by many of our customers “Sunmaster” does everything under the sun.

Sunmaster has been in continuous operation since 1970 and even with technology today, we still have the same phone and fax numbers we had at our beginning. This fits in well with our motto of “Business the old fashion way”. Sunmaster began as an idea, in 1969, to market and install aluminum carport and patio covers during a time when mobile homes and manufactured housing were a growing industry. Soon Sunmaster was the largest company of its type in Arizona along with a general contracting business which was building large projects such as shopping centers, high schools, housing, and many other large projects.

Having worked for a supplier of Sunmaster since its early years Jim McConnell joined the firm in 1987 and, as a corporate officer and general manager, continued the Sunmaster operation and aided with the general contracting division. His experience in the industry was a good match for Sunmaster. In 1992 Jim and his wife Peg purchased the Sunmaster division and continued this great adventure. Changing our mission from the declining mobile home industry to the much larger multi-housing and rental industry, by 1995, we were proud to have added 79 properties with over 25,000 units.

Following an auto accident in 2002, which Jim was severely injured, their son Jameson took over the reins for sales and scheduling, during his recovery, and by 2005 was elected president and general manager. His fresh look at company growth has been outstanding and he has continued successfully even during the recent recession years.

Sunmaster works hard and performs between 15 and 65 projects a day and will continue to expand our daily operations to serve our customers’ needs in the future. Sunmaster currently services 949 properties throughout Arizona with well over 230,000 units managed by 164 different Management Companies.